1244 Focuser as driver for a JMI Motofocus

On 2007 I adapted a 1240 focuser to drive the JMI motofocus of my C8 Scope



The only Problem, I did not documented the process...

On May 2008 Meade put the 1244 focuser on sale, I thought it can be adapted to my WO scope and to the motor unit of my old 1240 or for another JMI focuser

This time I have documented the process


The focuse just afer opening the box (well, I already had removed the two small screws that holds the covers toghether



Top cover removed, you can see the gears and the small PCB



Motor removed, as you see it's a small dc motor, take note of the position of the wires on the motor



Removing the cable strain relief gromet


Removed the cable strain relief gromet


Here a close up of the board, checked and these are the main components:

U1 = 12C508 (PIC?)

U2 = LM78L05



Note the position of the wires in case the become loose or break


As I want to use the internal motor, placed a phone connector RS# 274-248, so it can switch between the internal or the external motor (note disconnect the power when plugging in or out the external motor)



Closeup of the cables after soldering on the phone plug, grey and green cables connect to the motor,

Gray connects were the black was, green connects were the red was.

Here a picture with all connections made


Terminated product


I listen to