Foto de la semana - Picture of the week

This is my latest picture or the one I think may be interesting to see

Esta es mi última foto o la que que considero puede ser interesante ver


Please adjust your monitor to show all bands on the strip below


North America Total Eclipse 2017

Aug 21 2017 1:18pm


I traveled with my wife to the path of totality here are the images.















The Moon was on time...

Hover the mouse over the image to see where the moon was



And came along with her show...



A few minutes before totality a cloud!



But everyone there began to blow hard and it went away...





At 1:18PM CDT Totality!


Karlinda took these pictures during totality!

Note the camera tries to compensate for the low light condition i changed the curves to make the image show what I saw




The lights of the parking lot iluminated the scene, see the shdows on the umbrellas and the dawn like light all around in the horizon!


There are no words to describe this event, for me is the most beatiful thing you would ever see through a Telescope!


Would you marry me?

(diamond ring)

Want a bigger ring?


Karlinda captured Venus, do you see it?




An attempt to HDR


And my favorite!


A second attempt to HDR and my new favorite!

Click on the image to download a full resolution tiff image (42 MB)


- All images taken with a Canon 50D and a Williams Optics ZS66SD APO,

- Camera controlled with DSLR Controller on a Samsung Tablet

- Mount Meade LXD-75

- Location: Perriville Airport 37.52 N, 89.51 W

- Conditions partially cloudy.


- Temperature change: Even when we did not take formal temperature readings, we did follow the drop, the results are on the following table:

Phase Temperature (F)
Start Partial 101
1/2 way 92
Totality 84
4th contact 96




Special thanks to Thomas Ernst, he waited and watched the event with us, he also provided cold drinks to beat the intense heat.


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08/09/2017                                                                                                                                                    E.K. We miss you!